Monday, October 3, 2016

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Another Scholastic Book Fair has ended. And, it was the most successful one, yet! First, a big thanks to our amazing volunteers. Mandy French, Lauren Moore, Kelly Schwartz were key to the successful week-long event. They came every day to help our students select and buy their books, as well as to set up and break down the fair. They were supported by a fabulous group of parents including Monica Montesano, Rachel Efrid, Nola McClure, Mandy May, Anna Odle, Amelia Abbott, Marty Pizzo, Keri Schacht, Sharon Jackson, Carrie Nagle, Holly Wells, Karen Riley, Paige McCloskey, Siddhi Shah, Anne Rogers, Stacey Lanier, Sue Hawes, and Kia Green-Dixie.

Total book sales = $9,869.21, which means that the PTSO will receive $2,300 in proceeds that will go towards buying books for the school. If you still have some books on your wish list, don't worry, it's not too late to shop and support the school. You can access the online book fair through Oct 5.

This year, we launched a new program to help students who would not have otherwise had the chance to buy a book. Thanks to the generosity of many families, we collected $1,176 in donations and approximately 60 students in need were able to shop and bring home a book (or two). We are so thankful to the parents and students who made a donation to help our families. The unused money will go towards our next book fair. 

The Books for All program is a great new tradition for the school; we are excited to share some of the thank you notes we received.

"Thank you to the person that donated money for me to get a book. When I heard my name called, you should have seen my face. I was super excited. If you are curious about what book I got, it was Diary of a Wimpy Kid." 4th Grade Student

“I realized that I was going to the book fair to get a book!! I could not believe this was happening! It took me a while to decide because I wanted to pick books that I would be able to cherish and remember….I am so excited to read them and to remember that I got them because of you!” 5th Grade Student

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