Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Images From the Week

Volunteers of the Week: Cindy Colin and Magdalena Jocobo came to Charlotte Bilingual Preschool to talk to prospective parents about Lab today. Pictured with Mrs. Salas!
Birthday Love at Lab. First Grade Celebrates birthdays for Mrs. Dreyer and Sra. Najenson

Some 1st Graders Visit Google Fiber and
Discuss This Month's Character Trait of "Curiosity"


Sound Garden 2.0 Drum set being built by 2nd graders. Collaboration was key to getting this process finished.


3rd graders finished up the Perfect Cookie quest by creating stop motion animations of phase changes. This group used some Play-Doh to stabilize their camera.


A 3rd grade logo design for the Perfect Cookie bake sale.


5th grade continued discussions on Urban Heat Islands by measuring the differences in absorption across surfaces.

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