Monday, September 19, 2016

Last Friday, we hosted a terrific speaker at our advisory assemblies. Mr. Reginald Blackmon, a local therapist who works on identity development in children, gave inspirational and age-appropriate talks on finding your seed of greatness, being your best self, and what to do if your friends try to convince you to do something you know is wrong. Mr. Blackmon shared personal stories of growing up, with an emphasis on how important it is to be kind, work together, and be trustworthy.

Be sure to ask your child what they learned and to share his/her favorite story from the day.

"My goal with children is to tap into and help them unleash their potential for greatness! Children needs someone to believe in them, encourage them and point them in the right direction."  Reginald V Blackmon

Second Graders Practice Teamwork by Passing a Can Using Only Their Feet

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